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Your love story, captured.

Documenting wedding days are my favorite part of owning a photography business; I am a hopeless romantic with a passion for real love stories. Yours is no different and I am so excited to capture the beginning of your lives together! 

The Details

I offer one simple wedding package which includes eight hours of coverage, 300+ high resolution digital images with an unlimited print release, and a complimentary engagement session for $1,975. On average, eight hours has me arriving near the end of the bridal party getting ready and staying 1.5 hours into the reception or until the grand exit at the end of the night (if one is planned!). Of course, my package can be customized to the individual needs of my clients. Additional hours of coverage as well as printed products can be added a la carte to the wedding package by request. 

Why choose Miss Emily Photography


1 |  I know the light. 

Photography means "painting with light." During a full wedding day, there are a wide variety of lighting situations from blinding midday sun to pitch black reception halls. I know how to use the available light in the best fashion and how to emulate natural looking light with my flashes when the lighting isn't ideal. I create photographs consistent with my style no matter what the lighting conditions are and that control is something I've trained hard on. 

2 |  I am cool as a cucumber. 

Weddings can be a bit stressful. Things don't always go according to the plan and emotions between family members can run high. The good news is this: I'm on your side and I'm always cool and collected. As the oldest of six kids, I am accustomed to chaos and know how to navigate it. I'm a problem solver, peacemaker, and comedian in the face of calamity. I've curled bridesmaid's hair at the last minute and cut groomsmen off from the their flasks. I've rearranged florals and pinned boutineers and prayed with nervous brides. I've taken pictures in all sorts of unexpected weather, once when it was raining cats and dogs. I don't panic and you can depend on me so that you don't need to panic either.

3 |  I make you look magical in less time.

Have you ever sat around waiting for the bride and groom to show up to the reception and felt the rumble of your stomach only to know it would be at least another 30 minutes before you would set your eyes on anything delicious? We've all experienced waiting around for photographs to be done so that the celebration can begin and, while I'm not a magician and I can't completely avoid that wait, I do work hard to be efficient so your guests spend less time starving to death. I do this by working with my couples extensively before the day of their wedding to plan a timeline and shot list so they can provide information to family members on where to be and when. This emphasis on preparation helps us spend more time capturing beautiful moments and less time corralling family members and wondering what shot comes next.


How to Book

If you are interested in booking or recieving more information about our wedding packages, we can meet in person or discuss details over email. If you decide you would like to book with me, I require a $250 deposit to secure your wedding date and a contract signed by the bride and groom. We can do this at the time of the meeting or online - whatever works best for you. When your wedding date is about 6 weeks away, I like to meet again or talk on the phone to go over the final details of your day.  At this time, we will look at the wedding day itinerary and make any adjustments needed to ensure you have the best wedding photography experience possible. I am always available to my wedding clients, so if there are questions or concerns or advice needed before the six week consultation, I am always available through phone, text, or email. 

Let's make magic together.


Emily Vernacchia

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