Real family life, captured.

Family life is close to my heart. I grew up in a tight knit household as the oldest of six kids, so I know love and I know chaos. Family picture day for us was always a bit stressful, but the photographs we have from the different stages of our life are some of our dearest memories. 

I love capturing the magic of a growing family and I always try my hardest to make it a fun and memorable experience for everyone. Here is a typical example of what photographs I get during a session:

1. The Whole Family

I usually try for as many pictures as a whole that patience will allow for. We generally walk to several different "locations" within one park to achieve a variety of looks to choose from. 

2. The Kids. 

I always grab individuals, both of looking at the camera and usually a personality shot if I can coax it out of them. Then, all the siblings together. I might do siblings all together in a variety of locations too, just like the whole family.


3. The Parents.

This is where it all started, so I usually make the kids play while I get some steamy and romantic shots of you and your honey.

4. Mom with kiddos, Dad with kiddos, all the girls, all the boys

Confused yet? Sometimes it's just best to see it...

5. Now we have fun.

With the last of the sun, I always release kids to play and just capture that action. After that's done, we call it a night. 

We're all done!