Paul + Emily | Colorado

I had to share a few pictures from my trip to Colorado with the husband. Our house is decked out in bright red and mint green, so I wanted to take some pictures while we were out there that fit that theme and would blend well with our decor when I printed it for the wall.

I bought Paul's outfit at Christmas because I felt like a bow tie and suspenders would suit him. I'm biased, I know, but isn't he darling? I just love that guy.

My outfit was a little harder to put together. Trying to find a red A-Line dress in springtime is surprisingly difficult. However, I found Lauren Conrad's Disney collection and found this gem (the dress can be found here). Coupled with a cardigan (it's still cold in Colorado!) and Mary Jane's (albeit, a little higher heel; I'm a shorty)... our look was complete! I couldn't be any happier with how these turned out, so I felt like a good share was necessary.